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Digital Authentication

The digital age has reached the memorabilia world!  Total Sports Enterprises (TSE) and our authentication partner, Beckett Authentication Services, have moved to "digital authentication".  

Digital Authentication means your item will not come with a card or Certificate of Authentication.  The tamper proof hologram affixed to your item has a QR Code that can be scanned, taking you to the authenticating company's web site that will give you the following information:

  • Who signed the item
  • What item was signed
  • Inscription added (if applicable)
  • Date the item was signed
  • Location the item was signed

Rest assured, this type of authentication has become the industry standard and should give you the same confidence as any other method.

Digital Authentication is relatively new but is the new "norm".  That being said, the item(s) you receive from us may or may not have this new form of authentication, it depends on the player, item signed and current inventory.  Either way, when you receive an item from TSE it is guaranteed authentic and comes with a 100% money back authenticity guarantee.

Below is what your Digital Authentication will look like.  The tamper hologram affixed to your item will have a unique number and QR Code.  Your specific number is registered in a database and is dedicated for your item and your item only.  To verify, use any smart phone and scan the code.

If you do not have a smart phone or your phone does not have the ability to scan a QR code you can go to the authenticators web site and enter the number on the hologram.

Please note that with Digital Authentication a Certificate of Authentication (COA) is no longer needed and is not provided. 

Here are the two authenticators web site addresses and an example of what the tamper proof hologram looks like:

Total Sports Enterprises -
TSE Authentication

Beckett Authentication -
Beckett Authentication

Please be advised your items' information may be delayed being entered into the applicable authenticating company's web site.  Data entry takes up to 4-5 weeks from the signing date simply because of the sheer volume of items being added.

If you receive a message similar to "no records found" or "this item is not in the database" when checking your authenticity we suggest waiting a week or two.  If after that you still are receiving the same message, contact us and provide us with your item(s) information and we will check into it for you.